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Learn Writing for Films,
Television and Games in collaboration with Vancouver Film School

You will be graduating with -

A VFS-certification
in Writing for Films,
TV and Games

A demonstration of
your industry-readiness

A compilation of your
work for your demo reel

Access to the VFS
and DICE alumni network

Industry connections
that will help guide
your career


In the final half of the year, students choose to focus one of the three specialized streams below for their final project.

  • Writing for
    Feature Films
  • Writing for
  • Writing for
  • Term 01

    Develop fundamental skills in visual storytelling, structure, character, format, and genre.

  • Term 02

    Commit to story and character development for your first feature, TV, game screenplay.

  • Term 03

    Workshop the first drafts of your term 02 projects.

  • Term 04

    Specialize in writing for film, TV or games, and begin work on your final project.

  • Term 05

    Electives include writing for comics, video games, and writing for commercials.

  • Term 06

    Complete drafts of your final project, and polish it through intense workshopping.


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You will be asked to submit the following along with your application.


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Write a one page (maximum) synopsis. Provide the film genre and use references to other movies to explain how you would make the film.

Explain the concept, vision, or idea.

In addition provide a minimum of two & maximum of four other creative writing samples in their original form (no more than 20 total pages should be submitted).

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