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Learn 3D Animation and Visual Effects
in collaboration with Vancouver Film School

You will be graduating with -

A VFS-certification
in 3D Animation and
Visual Effects

A demonstration of
your industry-readiness

A compilation of
your work for your
demo reel

Access to the
VFS and DICE alumni

Industry connections
that will help
guide your career


To reflect the nature of the 3D industry, students have the opportunity to focus on all major areas of the 3D production pipeline. The major ones are given below.

  • 3D Animation
  • Modelling
  • VFX
  • Semester 01

    Learn the basics of a 3D pipeline to gain insight into the different areas of production.

  • Semester 02

    Apply your 3D skills to storytelling in pre-visualization class as you further advance your knowledge of the craft.

  • Semester 03

    Focus on animation, modeling & VFX while you plan your final reel in the pre-production classes.

  • Semester 04

    Enter into the studio component of the program and start production on your demo reel.

  • Semester 05

    Engage in the production process as you iterate and refine your shots. One-on-one feedback and regular group reviews make for a true studio experience.

  • Semester 06

    Light, render and composite as you put the final tweaks on your project for industry.


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You will be asked to submit the following along with your application.


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Send samples of your work that include life (preferred), still, or character drawings, and 3D computer work (maximum 12 pieces total).

When you apply to the 3D Animation & Visual Effects program, we expect that you have some 3D experience.

If you don’t have sufficient 3D experience you may be given conditional acceptance based on the strength of a combination of your other computer artwork (e.g. Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) and your drawing skills.

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