3 Steps to Follow

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Step 1

Online Aptitude Test (OAT)

40 - Marks
Weightage - 50%

The first step of the DICE VFS Challenge is the Online Aptitude Test. The multiple choice examination evaluates your aptitude and knowledge related to design. This section of the DICE VFS challenge will be divided into 4 Parts:

Evaluation Criteria
  • 1   General Awareness
    20 Questions 10 Marks
  • 2   Logical Reasoning
    20 Questions 10 Marks
  • 3   Analytical Writing
    1 Question 10 Marks
  • 4   Storytelling
    1 Question 10 Marks
  • Total Time Allotted for this Section: 80 Mins
  • Total Marks: 40
Please read the instructions carefully:
  • This challenge requires you to attempt all questions.
  • There is no negative marking
  • This section must be completed uninterrupted, within the stipulated time, to proceed to the next section.
DICE VSF Challenge Step 1 – Online Aptitude Test
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Step 2

Complete the Film Project

30 - Marks
Weightage - 25%
Use your cell phone camera to click 10 photos depicting the Theme / Caption

If necessary, you can use actors, action figures, or any other objects and props to feature in these photos. The 10 pictures can be either 10 different scenarios or just one scenario explained in a series of 10 connected pictures. Black and white, coloured, etc are creative choices totally left to you.

Add a note not longer than 100 words, explaining your idea behind the 10 pictures. Submit the idea as a jpg image or PDF document. Ensure that the entire text is clearly readable.

Upload the picture (s) within 24-36 hours of completing OAT.
Upload your work in the form of either a PDF file, multiple JPEG/JPG or a consolidated zip file, not exceeding 100 mb

DICE VFS Challenge Step 2: Upload Your Portfolio

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Step 3

Online Interview

30 - Marks
Weightage - 25%

The third section of the DICE VFS Challenge is the Online Interview. After you submit Section 1 and 2, our Admissions team will get in touch with you to schedule and facilitate the interview over a phone call or video call with one of our instructors.

  • Total Time Allotted for this Section: 25 Mins
  • Total Marks: 30
DICE VFS Challenge Online Interview
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